When Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that Autopilot 8.0 would feature enhanced radar detection, one of the abilities of the system he noted was that it could in theory see several cars ahead via something he refers to as "Radar echo." Quoting Musk:

“Now if the car in front of you suddenly swerves, we’ve already seen the obstacle in front.”

According to Musk, there are some restrictions, like, for example, a vehicle in your path with very low ground clearance that could block the radar:

“It would have to be very very low. Even if a car had six inches clearance, it should be able to work.” 

While Musk was promising these abilties in theory, we hadn't seen the system in action until now.

Video description:

"Initial Thoughts on AutoPilot in v8.0, with only limited testing time."

And what the video shows is that in fact Autopilot 8.0 can now see several cars ahead in the real world, which means that what Musk promised is indeed the truth.