Tesla Toronto Store

Tesla Toronto Store

The University of Victoria released results from its second-annual Gustavson Brand Trust Index (GBTI) and those results show that Tesla is the most trusted automotive brand in Canada.

276 brands were subdivided into 27 industry sectors in the survey that's designed to measure consumer trust and although Tesla didn't rank in the Top 10 overall (Tesla actually ranked 11th out of all brands), Tesla did rank the highest among the automakers in the survey.

Saul Klein, dean of the Gustavson School of Business, explains why he believes Tesla ranked so highly:

“We think there’s a shift taking place: In many ways we choose brands that provide their basic functions well, that are reliable, value for money, whatever.”

"...what’s important to consumers is the extent to which the brand or the company is acting to a broader value perspective: respects the environment, treats employees well, invests in the community and cares about societal well-being.”

6,384 online surveys contributed to the GBTI and it was broken down into three age groups: under 35, 35-55 and over 55.

The youngest bracket put more trust in Tesla than the older age brackets.

Here's a look at the results:


  • Automobiles - Tesla Motors
Ranking of auto makers

11 Tesla Motors 14 Honda 53 Mercedes-Benz 57 Toyota 59 BMW / Mini 79 Nissan 93 Subaru 119 Audi 135 Hyundai 140 Mazda 159 Kia 165 Ford 219 GM 226 Mitsubishi 252 Chrysler/Dodge 255 Fiat 276 Volkswagen

Looks like Volkswagen Dieselgate scandal took quite a toll on the brand.

Source: Globe And Mail

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