After selling 579 Chevrolet Bolts in just a few days in December (presumably all in California), the Bolt is branching out to state #2 with truck loads now arriving in Oregon.

Via Twitter, WRVoltec posted:

"A shipment of Chevy Bolt s arrive at a dealership in Portland OR "

Indeed they have arrived...

A quick scan of dealerships in the area confirms that Bolts are either on the lots or in transit right now. The screen cap below is from Wentworth Chevrolet in Portland, Oregon. The dealership appears to have 2 Bolts on site and another 25 listed as "in transit."

Chevy Bolt Listings In Portland, Oregon

Chevy Bolt Listings In Portland, Oregon

With the first two markets now online for Bolt sales, we think that January will be a breakout month for the Bolt. How high will sales go? We'll find out in just a few short weeks.

Hat tip to WRVoltec!

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