Only some 850 Tesla employees currently work at the massive Gigafactory (plus an undisclosed number of Panasonic employees), but that will change soon as Panasonic is hosting a massive job fair this weekend to recruit new talent for immediate openings at the Gigafactory.

Here's Panasonic's announcement:

Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla Gigafactory

"Hey Southern Nevada! Panasonic is having a hiring fair on January 14, noon - 6 pm, for immediate production openings at the Tesla Gigafactory located East of Reno. RSVP now at to secure your spot. The event will be at Nevada Job Connect, 3405 South Maryland Parkway."

"Panasonic is making all the lithium-ion batteries for the Tesla Model 3 at the gigafactory and is committed to help achieve the mission of making electric vehicles affordable for the general public. Come learn more about this exciting job opportunity!"

With 2170 battery cell production now underway at the Gigfactory, it seems a lot of job openings related to cell-making tasks are now available and need to be filled immediately. Though that 12-hour may deter some interested individuals, being part of the Gigfactory team is surely something to be proud of.

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