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Harley-Davidson Project LiveWire - Jay Leno's Garage

According to Milwaukee Business Journal (via Asphalt & Rubber), Harley-Davidson will introduce electric motorcycle...within 5 years.

The news comes from Sean Cummings, Harley-Davidson's Senior Vice President of Global Demand.

Two years ago Harley-Davidson launched its pilot project LiveWire to understand the consumer response, and gauge potential demand.

Now it seems that Harley-Davidson has gathered all the needed data and has decided to begin development of new, production electric motorcycle; but apparently at its own speed - which isn't very fast.

Project LiveWire was built with help from Mission Motors.

Project LiveWire specs (see more details here):

  • 3-phase AC electric induction motor
  • 74 hp (55 kW) and 8000 rpm. Peak torque is 52 lb.ft (70.5 Nm)
  • 92 mph (148 km/h) top speed
  • 0-60 mph (100 km/h) in 4 seconds
  • a full recharge takes around 3.5 hours
  • average range about 53 miles (85 km)
Source: Asphalt & Rubber