BMW i3 With New 94 Ah/33kWh Pack

BMW i3 With New 94 Ah/33kWh Pack

2017 BMW i3 Getting A DC Fast Charge

2017 BMW i3 Getting A DC Fast Charge

BMW just announced pricing of the new 2017 BMW i3 with 94 Ah lithium-ion cells and 33 kWh total battery capacity for the US.

And as it turns out, pricing is just slightly higher as compared to the previous 22 kWh version (that we believe is now on a liquidation sale run to burn-off older battery inventory).

2017 BMW i3 33 kWh will be just $1,200 more exepensive than 2016 BMW i3 22 kWh

The all-electric BMW i3 will now start from $44,595 (including $995 S&H), while the BMW i3 REx (with range-extender) starts at $48,445.

After $7,500 federal tax credit it will be $37,095 and $40,945 respectively. For reference, the older 2016 (22 kWh) version was priced at $35,895 and $39,745.

Expected range of the BMW i3 33 kWh will be 114 miles.

Pricing of the 2017 BMW i8, remains unchanged.

2017 BMW i3 94 Ah.

Standard Equipment now includes:

  • Deka World – Interior Design Loft.
  • No Cost DC Fast ChargeNow available for 2 years. For more information please visit
  • Advanced Real Time Traffic Information.
  • Universal Garage Door Opener.
  • 19-inch wheels.
  • Comfort Access.
Optional Equipment now includes:
  • Protonic Blue is now offered.
  • Dark Oak Wood Trim.
BMW i3 94 Ah Pricing (including $995 D&H but no state incentives or tax deductions):

BMW i3 94 Ah $44,595
BMW i3 94 Ah with Range Extender $48,445