A Tesla Model S P90DL owner in Australia experienced how Tesla's Lane Assist feature can step in to prevent an accident.

As the Model S owner explains, his car sensed that a truck was moving into his lane. The car responded by veering slightly off course to avoid contact with the truck.

Autopilot wasn't engaged, but Lane Assist was there to...assist.

The Model S owner, Calvin Tam, stated:

“I felt the pretty firm tug on the steering wheel & heard the triple chime (which sounded like the too close to an object parking chime), the truck nearly hit my rear left side.”

“This happened on my way to the office in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The exact GPS coordinates are embedded in the video. If you check the map, you’ll see that it’s a long right turn which I normally just have the TACC on, even though Autopilot can handle this particular bend.”

Source: Teslarati

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