Chevrolet Bolt

Chevrolet Bolt

Indiana is on track to join ten other states (Wyoming, Colorado, Virginia, Nebraska, Missouri, Washington, North Carolina, Idaho, Georgia, Michigan) with special fees for electric cars, designed to include EVs in road maintenance expenses.

$150 fee if not uses those

$150 fee if not uses those

Fees for conventional cars also are going up.

The new fee for electric vehicles (if passed) will be $150 annually, plus general registration fee of $15.

"In the Indiana House Republicans legislative plan released on Wednesday, one representative proposed a $150 annual fee for electric vehicles registered in Indiana.

Rep. Ed Soliday (R-Valparaiso) filed the bill. It would also implement a $15 annual fee on all vehicles registered in Indiana.  If you owned an electric vehicle, you'd pay a total fee of $165 per year."

While this is a subject that has often popped up in many states and many countries in the past, and is sure to continue to in the future, we tend to feel that is an unwise decision at the moment.

Should electric vehicles ultimately pay a fee?  Of course.  Is $150 the right number?  We can't say for sure.

However, given the fact there is over 50 different incentive programs currently running at the regional level to encourage EV adoption, and a $7,500 federal credit in place to help convince US citizens to give EVs a try, to run a 'nickel and dime' program at the state level (due to the very small amount of EVs actually on the road in Indiana - by our tally through November just 1,210 all-electric vehicles are registered in the state) we feel is counterproductive to the wider message the government is trying to spread about adopting plug-in vehicles.

source: via Green Car Reports

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