WiTricity and Prodrive Technologies announced a joint project to develop 11 kW wireless charging system for a European carmaker, who apparently wishes to remain unknown at the moment, but of whom intends to use the new system in a 2019 model.

WiTricity will provide the technology, while Prodrive Technologies will design the whole packaging, and prepare series production of the final product.

At the same time, a 22 kW version is currently being researched which is probably the ultimate "sweet spot" for EV owners looking for peak residential charging. WiTricity also said previously that its wireless charging will be first used in a production car in 2017.

The first example of wireless technology via a mass produced EV is the Mercedes 500e/550e which offers the system in its new 2017 model this Fall

The first example of wireless technology via a mass produced EV is the Mercedes 500e/550e which offers the system in its new 2017 model this Fall

"WiTricity and Prodrive are helping enable that experience by bringing best-of-breed expertise to this new charging system's design. WiTricity will provide its foundational magnetic resonance intellectual property, complete reference designs and consulting services to the project.

Based on the WiTricity designs, Prodrive will develop and industrialize an automotive mass market system and implement the automaker’s specific requirements. Prodrive has deep experience in the technology, engineering practices and highly automated manufacturing processes needed to supply power electronics on a Tier 1 basis to automakers. By incorporating WiTricity technology, the resulting Prodrive system will be capable of charge rates up to 11kW at high efficiency, comparable to the efficiency of today’s wired charging systems.

Energy transfer up to 22kW for automotive is also being researched. Prodrive will deliver an “end to end system,” including the components that are integrated with the vehicle to “capture” the wireless power, and the garage floor-mounted charging pad and wall box that serves as the source of the wireless power."

Pieter Janssen, CEO and Co-founder, Prodrive Technologies said:

"We are proud to have been selected, alongside WiTricity, by one of the world's top carmakers for this project. Our ability to deliver automotive-grade power electronics at scale, combined with WiTricity's expertise and product offerings in wireless charging technology, creates a unique partnership that is enabling this innovative 11 kW design. We are excited to be collaborating on this project and look forward to working with WiTricity in the future, as wireless power will be a key technology in the automotive market, with industrial and medical applications as well.”

Alex Gruzen, CEO, WiTricity said:

“Wireless charging is emerging as a critical technology for automakers worldwide, particularly as autonomous vehicles become central to future product strategy. Being awarded this project by one of the world's leading brands is a testament to our technology leadership and we're proud to be working with Prodrive to make it happen. With Prodrive’s experience in automotive power electronics and sensors—and their extensive automated manufacturing capabilities, Prodrive is a strong partner for us in our mission to accelerate the deployment of efficient, fast and convenient wireless EV charging."

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