This video is quickly "making the rounds" on the Internet and social media and the general consensus seems to be that it's rather accurate in predicting pricing for the Tesla Model 3.

Now, we should note that the information within the video is purely speculative, as Tesla has made no mention of Model 3 pricing beyond the base price of $35,000, but if you examine options and pricing for existing Tesla vehicles, then perhaps the approach shown in the video has some degree of accuracy.

Video description:

"Let's look at options and pricing for the Model 3."

Nobody expects a well optioned 3 to be even close to $35,000, but is $75,000 out of line?

We believe that the average selling price for a Model 3 will end up being approximately $50,000, but others seem to think a higher figure is more likely.

What's your take? What do you think the average selling price for a Model 3 will be? What will the price be if all the option boxes are marked? Leave us your thoughts in Comments below.

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