Fully Charged recently visited the Eco Charger Quad Bikes in Devon.

Electric quads have a lot of advantages over their petrol counterparts, and are now available form various manufacturers.

They are easy to drive, very quiet, and energy costs are few times lower. That said, the initial price is often higher, same for the weight.  But overall, when the average daily mileage is around ~6 miles, it could be perfect application for EVs.

Eco Charger Quad Bikes offers DC motor-powered quads with lead acid batteries - as the range isn't as important as the price. And the price in UK begins from £8,995 ($13,000) + VAT.

"As will be obvious, we had a brilliant time with Eco Charger Quads at Keypits Farm in Devon. The electric quad bikes are very impressive and make an enormous amount of sense, easily replacing petrol powered machines with zero compromises and plenty of advantages.


Bonus: Electric 4x4 Quad Bike Pulling Honda 420 and Grizzly 125

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