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President "Electric" Trump?

Though President-Elect Donald Trump thinks that climate change is a Chinese hoax, and that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is one of the biggest advocates for repairing global warming, the two may end up seeing eye-to-eye on some critical fronts.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Morgan Stanley's lead analyst, Adam Jonas, visited the Gigafactory for Tesla's investors event. He said:

"To the extent that the creation of high-tech manufacturing jobs in the United States is a priority of the incoming administration, we believe Mr. Musk might have some interests that could be very much in alignment with those of President-elect Trump."

Other investors that attended the event shared part of Musk's speech with Electrek:

“The President-elect has a strong emphasis on US manufacturing and so do we. We are building the biggest factory in the world right here, creating US jobs… I think we may see some surprising things from the next administration. We don’t think they will be negative on fossil fuels… but they may also be positive on renewables.”

We have already said that if Trump is looking for successful, American-based businesses, with a global impact, Tesla is the answer. Trump has already called out Ford for planning to move more production to Mexico, and now ironically, Ford has changed course.

The Tesla Model S, the most

The Tesla Model S, the most "American" car one can find on the market today

The Tesla Model S is currently the most American-made electric car, followed by the Chevrolet Spark EV, the Chevrolet Volt, and presumably the Chevrolet Bolt. Once the Gigafactory is more functional, the Model S will likely be near the top of the list of the most American-made cars overall. Reports are concluding that the Tesla Model 3 will be the most American-made vehicle for 2017, and likely for years to come.

Trump wants to make America great again, to grow domestic jobs and production, to be more globally competitive, to lead the world in innovations - these all align full well with what Tesla and Elon Musk have the potential to achieve.

The president-elect has made his focus on technology public already. He hosted a recent invite-only tech summit, of which Musk attended, with the likes of Apple CEO Tim Cook and others. Trump even put Musk on his Strategic and Policy Forum.

For Tesla to achieve its vast goals, the company will need a huge employment base. Tesla is constantly hiring and plans to continue expansion. Domestic jobs for American citizens is important to Trump. Not only will Tesla continue to hire automotive and battery talent for the Gigafactory and its Fremont factory, but also needed are all of the workers that build and expand Tesla's current and future pursuits. We are talking about architects, construction workers, electricians, plumbers, etc. Jonas share:

"As the bus drove up to the massive plant (Tesla Gigafactory) yesterday morning, one could not help but notice the hundreds of cars in the parking lot from the construction crew (yes, roughly 1/2 of the vehicles were pickup trucks), part of 2,100 construction workers running two shifts per day."

Electric cars may be a threat to the oil industry, and Trump has vowed to protect that. However, for Trump to not support Tesla, would go against most of the ideals that he believes in. Only time will tell.

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