Woz was impressed with the Chevrolet Bolt from day one

Woz was impressed with the Chevrolet Bolt from day one

As expected, former Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is filling everyone in on Facebook about his new Chevrolet Bolt. We will keep our eyes on the message thread and keep you posted, if Woz provides some noteworthy feedback.

He says that the Tesla Model S is just a bit much for driving around San Francisco. However, he continues to repeat that the Supercharger network is the only option for long trips, unless he takes his Hummer. He explains that the Bolt is better for "all the day-to-day stuff (dining, shopping, eating)." He says that the real comparison comes down to which car the couple will choose to drive now that they have both choices at their disposal.

Another "friend" asks Woz how the Bolt drives compared to the Tesla. Woz makes it clear that has hasn't had time to check it out:

"How would I know? I drove it home from the dealer. It was my first time in the car and it was raining heavily. It may be several days before I ever have time to play with it to learn how things like the radio work."

It gets pretty comical. At other points in the thread, people ask Woz questions about the Bolt and the Tesla, that he has already answered. He sort of calls them out for not reading. Nonetheless, we're sure to see some interesting information once he gets more opportunity to enjoy his new car.

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