First of all, to say that this Chevrolet Bolt owner is thoroughly impressed with his new car, would be a severe understatement. He is a worthy source as well, because he previously drove voth a Chevrolet Volt and a Ford C-Max Hybrid.

He takes his Bolt on an 89.3 mile route, most of which is freeway driving. The Bolt uses a total of 22.2 kWh for the trip (meaning that about 240 miles of total range is expected). By his estimates, his 2015 Volt used 10.5 kWh and about a gallon and a quarter of gas for the same route.

The Chevrolet Bolt is getting an average of 4 miles per kWh

The Chevrolet Bolt is getting an average of 4 miles per kWh

Video Description via YouTube channel host and new Chevrolet Bolt owner News Coulomb:

This represents an A to B to C to A trip. About 70 miles were driven at 65 to 70 MPH, and the remaining 20 miles in mixed city/highway (45 to 55 MPH).

2015 Chevy Volt over the same route uses 10.5 kWH and ~1.25 gallons of gas.


With everything considered, he explains that there would be no way possible (barring any super severe conditions) that he would be able to get the Bolt to need a charge prior to 200 miles. His driving has been in California in hilly and mountainous areas, and the car has experienced overnight cold soak. He said that unless he broke major speed laws, the Bolt will easily exceed its EPA-estimated 238-mile range and then some. As always, your results may vary.

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