Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

In an interview with Car Magazine, Fiat-Chrysler boss Sergio Marchionne once again headed down his anti electric car road while taking shots at Tesla Motors.

It's not clear to us why Marchionne refuses to get on board with the technology that's changing the automotive industry, but he seems to continue his anti-EV fight, despite the fact that almost every automaker has now committed to plug-in vehicles.

Quoting Marchionne from the Car Magazine interview:

"This industry is at a crossroads."

"I don’t think any of us has an idea as to what the right answer is. To me, the biggest issue is the impact technology has on what we are doing. Like the formation of a driverless environment, which is a mandatory future option and not even expensive."

"All this stuff is here to stay, it is going to be available at the speed of light, so we must act like a flash."

So, it seems Marchionne is accepting of new technology, but as soon as the discussion turns to electric cars, his whole mindset changes. Quoting Marchionne:

"Although the relevance of combustion will decrease, it will still be an important driver of mobility. Electrification may be the next big thing, but I’m amazed by the impact of Tesla’s new Model 3. With 300,000 orders in hand, their stock is up – again. It reminds me of the internet bubble. But where is the business model that will work in the long term? People should realize that there is nothing another company cannot replicate…"

Again, he's basically saying that Tesla has done nothing special and is reiterating an earlier statement he made, which suggest that FCA could copy Tesla if it choose to.

Then Marchionne went on an anti-Tesla rant, comparing the automaker to iPhone and icons:

 "Welcome to the world of icons! I don’t make iPhones. I make cars. Why don’t I make the iPhone of cars? Because if it looks and smells like Tesla, I don’t know how to make that economic model work. There is nothing Tesla do that we cannot also do. We build cars, sell them and are still able to pay the bills. But I’m not even sure you can recover all of your costs – let alone generate a profit – through electrification. The answer is bound to be somewhere else, and the question is whether we are doing enough to try to explore that somewhere else."

Let's let Marchionne waste his time finding that "somewhere else" answer. In the meantime, Tesla will work hard to build hundreds of thousands of electric cars that have already been accounted for.

Source: Car Magazine

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