New 2017 Honda Civic

New 2017 Honda Civic

Honda execs think that diesel may be on the way out, so under consideration for the all-new 2017 Honda Civic is electrification.

It's not entirely clear which electric route Honda may take with the Civic, but plug-in hybrid seems most likely.

As Auto Express reports:

"Honda is already considering fitting the all-new Civic with a hybrid powertrain according to company bosses, Auto Express can reveal."

“We are thinking about it,” Inoue-san told us. “After the emissions scandal, we have to think about it. We are big on hybrid in Japan and the US. We have that technology and we are thinking about it.”

Conventional hybrid or plug-in? Well...conventional hybrids are largely a dying breed, so we think PHEV is the path Honda will choose.

Mitsuru Kariya, Civic development leader, hints that there may be more than one hybrid version offered:

“The new platform is very flexible and has incorporated the possibility for future hybrid versions. The evolutionary steps from a diesel engine are now more or less limited, so we are shifting resources from diesel to electrification. A hydrogen fuel cell is not in our plan for the moment."

Why all this Civic talk? The answer is simple, according to Kariya:

“The Civic is our biggest selling car globally, We sell 600,000 units per year – so if the Civic fails, Honda will fail."

So, yeah...Honda has to get it right and if the public demands a PHEV Civic, then Honda will have to offer one.

Source: Auto Express

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