BMW i3 Protonic Blue

BMW i3 Protonic Blue

It's expected that at the upcoming 2016 Paris Motor Show, Volkswagen will present... a new concept all-electric car.

However, this time it will be pre-production, purpose-made car called the NUVe, positioned as a BMW i3 competitor.

NUVe is to be based on the new MEB architecture for long-range mass produced BEVs, which will be ready for production in 2019.

And NUVe could be one of 4 the new EVs built on the MEB that will enter production somewhere in the 2019-2020 range.

By that time, the BMW i3 will probably be given new life with a major refresh.

Unfortunately, no additional details have been released on NUVe, so we'll probably have to wait until closer to its reveal to learn what we should expect from this dedicated electric car.

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