Electric Fox dragster

Electric Fox dragster

Europe has new 1/4 mile record for electric dragsters - set by the "Electric Fox" in Tierp Arena, Sweden on May 6, 2016.

Driver Maris Ozolins, sponsored by Drive eO (PPIHC winner in 2015) managed a 7.631 seconds @ 171.02 mph run.  (Above video, plus more below)

The impressive result is #3 in the NEDRA overall standing (first DR/A5 class).

The special powertrain of the Electric Fox uses six pot engine electric motors from YASA!

Electric Fox dragster:

Best result 7.631 sec (top speed 275.2 km/h), mere 0.357 sec off the current electric world record.

SFI2.5C spec dragster chassis Six YASA Motors electric motors Six Drive eO drive controllers Bespoke 800 V lithium ion battery pack Peak power 1020 kW / peak torque 2160 Nm

Kerb weight 725 kg

More on the project here.

Electric Fox dragster

Electric Fox dragster

Electric Fox dragster

Electric Fox dragster

Electric Fox 8.0

Electric Fox 8.032 @274 kmh at Tierp Arena

Electric Fox 7.631

Electric Fox runs 1/4 mile at 7.631 - new European record for EV vehicles!

Electric Fox Tierp

Electric Fox in Tierp May 2016

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