Toyota recently presented a special "one-off" Mirai, finished in a full mirror-chrome body wrap (why chrome? we do not know)

And in this new finish, the Japanese fuel cell flagship made its motorsport debut at the Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb in the UK this month.

The Mirai recorded a best time of 44.44 seconds (average 62.5 mph).

"Meanwhile at Gurston Down in Wiltshire, Mirai made its UK motorsport debut, striking a contrast as one of the world’s most advanced vehicles, competing in one of the sport’s oldest and most traditional formats – a hill climb speed trial.

Driven by journalist David Finlay and sporting a one-off mirror-chrome full body wrap, it recorded a best time of 44.44 seconds over the 0.6-mile course, at an average speed of 62.5mph."

Toyota Mirai

Toyota Mirai

During the same weekend, another Toyota Mirai was present in Monaco, taking the lap of honor around Monte Carlo, to officially open the Monaco Grand Prix with Prince Albert at the wheel.

"At both events, Mirai ran whisper-quiet and produced no tailpipe emissions other than water from its hydrogen fuel cell system. Introduced in selected European markets, including the UK, in the second half of 2015, Mirai is a pathfinder for the use hydrogen fuel in a vehicle that offers the same levels of convenience and practicality as a conventional petrol or diesel car – a range of around 300 miles and refuelling time of between three and five minutes."

Hat Tip to Sven!!!

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