Faraday Future FF 91

Faraday Future FF 91


Now that we know more about Faraday Future, thanks to Tuesday night’s extravaganza, we can do some comparisons between FF and Tesla.

Tesla’s CEO is legitimately involved in product development and production. In fact, he famously sleeps on the factory floor sometimes. FF’s CEO knows so little about the product that he was given an onstage walk-around tour of the FF91 last night, as if he were a prospective customer. If he really doesn’t know the product, he’s a fool. If he was merely feigning ignorance, he’s a bigger fool.

Tesla’s execs aren’t rousing speakers, but when they talk, people hang on every word because there’s much to be learned. FF’s execs say 200% more words with 200% less content. And then there’s the language barrier . . .

Musk and Straubel come across as affable, approachable — the kind of guys you wouldn’t mind having dinner with. FF’s CEO is unknowable.

Faraday Future FF 91:

Faraday Future FF 91: "A New Species"

Tesla’s vehicles look like other vehicles, for good reason. Says Tesla’s design chief:

“If we created the Jetsons-mobile, we would have catered to the early adopters and stopped right here.”

So far, FF’s products look like Jetson-mobiles. Who knows — maybe the world is now ready for that step. We’ll see.

Tesla’s factories, charging network, suppliers, stores, service centers, stockholders, customers, vehicles and employees actually exist. FF has none of those basics, except the employees. But the employees are at high risk of not returning from their lunch breaks.

And off you go FF 91. Ok, now off you go. Hrm, well how about now? Well, never mind all that self-driving then.

And off you go FF 91. Ok, now off you go. Hrm, well how about now? Well, never mind all that self-driving then.

During Tesla’s Model X unveiling, a door popped open after being closed. Musk re-closed it and moved on like nothing had happened. FF’s vehicle failed to drive away when commanded by the golly-gosh CEO. That’s a much bigger gaffe. It darkens the cloud that’s been hanging over FF for months. One can imagine the recently-departed execs shaking their heads and asking aloud, “See why I left?”

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