Tesla Model 3 At Unveiling Part 1

Tesla Model 3 At Unveiling Part 1

The Tesla Model 3 Reservation Queue order may have been discovered by a user on the Tesla Motors Club forum. The forum member (smythey) posted some information that he noticed and others went to work trying to figure out if the assumption adds up. He posted:

People camped out in lines many hours before the Tesla stores opened for Model 3 reservations on March 31st

People camped out in lines many hours before the Tesla stores opened for Model 3 reservations on March 31st

I was having a good look at the "My Tesla" page, and in the source html there appears to be reference to two unique identifiers in addition to the RN number which is displayed on the page.

The first is called "uid", and is an 8 digit number. The other, more interesting one is called "ReservationId", and is a six digit number. My number was "3xxxxx". I wonder if this an actual indicative reservation number based on the parameters already made public (Date of reservation / region / existing Tesla owner).

Can anyone who lives near Hawthorne have a look at their page and see if their "ReservationId" looks something like x1xxxx? Apparently Tesla/SpaceX employees get first dibs on reservations, but some reservation holders local to the factory should be in the first 20k.

I'm quite aware that this could be utter nonsense, but thought it was intriguing nonetheless.

The post received pages and pages of responses. Some showing that maybe this six digit number, hidden in the HTML source code, has some meaning and others contesting it. If the system is proven accurate, Model 3 reservation holders may have a better idea when they may expect to take delivery comparatively.

UPDATE (June 7th, 9:00 PM ET): Apparently Tesla was not thrilled with people accessing their own reservation IDs (as obviously that could cause some issues down the road if deliveries are not made in priority sequence as suggested by the company), Tesla has now removed the ability to see your reservation ID via the javascript code.

You can still estimate your standing using the Model 3 ID tracker by looking at when and where users reported -- Model 3 ID Tracker (Responses) here

As forum members are posting their information about the "ReservationId" along with order timestamps, others are compiling the data and it seems there may be more than a simple correlation. The earlier reservations have a smaller number, and the number grows as time goes on. Specifics as to other information this number may provide are not yet known.

In-store (EST)

3/31 9:30am 370xxx 3/31 10:00am 36xxxx 3/31 10:00am 37xxxx 3/31 10:05am 371xxx 3/31 2:35pm 36xxxx (france) 3/31 10:08am 371xxx 3/31 10:10am 371xxx 3/31 10:15am 37xxx2 3/31 10:30am 37xxxx 3/31 10:40am 373xxx 3/31 10:45am 374xxx 3/31 10:45am 37xxxx 3/31 11:00am 37xxxx 3/31 11:00am 374xxx 3/31 11:20am 376xxx 3/31 11:30am 377xxx 3/31 11:40am 377xxx 3/31 12:00pm 382xxx 3/31 12:30pm 381xxx 3/31 1:20pm 497xx5 3/31 1:26pm 391xxx 3/31 1:30pm 391xxx 3/31 1:45pm 386xxx 3/31 2:00pm 392xxx 3/31 2:45pm 391xxx 3/31 12:00pm 4xxxx0 3/31 12:00pm 4xxxx5 3/31 4:30pm 390xxx 3/31 3:30pm 395xxx 3/31 4:30pm 397xxx 3/31 5:00pm 400xxx 3/31 6:30pm 40xxxx 3/31 3:00pm 512xx9 3/31 3:00pm 512xx7 3/31 4:00pm 519xxx 3/31 4:00pm 398xxx 3/31 5:45pm 403xxx

Online (EST)

3/31 10:08pm 412xxx 3/31 10:??pm 4127xx 3/31 10:08pm 413xxx 3/31 10:30pm 419xxx 3/31 10:??pm 4197xx 3/31 10:30pm 43xxxx 3/31 10:45pm 44xxxx 3/31 11:00pm 433xxx 3/31 11:15pm 443xxx 3/31 10:40pm 45xxxx 4/01 12:02am 46xxxx 4/01 12:00pm 49xxxx 4/01 8:00am 52xxxx 4/01 11:00am 523xxx 4/01 11:30am 497xxx 4/01 10:30pm 578xxx 4/04 ??:??pm 64xxxx 4/05 2:10pm 657xxx

4/12 ??:?? 69xxxx

There may be several variables that affect the numbers such as timezones, locations, existing Tesla owners, employees and possibly even car options/pricing. As reservations holders continue to "crack the code" we will update if there are any revelations.

Sources: Tesla Updates, Tesla Motors Club Forums

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