Tesla Model Y Render via Remco Meulendijk at RM CarDesign

Tesla Model Y Render via Remco Meulendijk at RM CarDesign


The US is going cuckoo for crossovers just as Tesla tools up for a sedan. Of course, the Model 3 preorders bespeak very strong interest in this particular sedan, but imagine if a similarly-priced Tesla crossover were also available for pre-orders. Which would have more pre-orders right now? How about in 2020? This consumer shift to wee-beastie SUVs isn’t letting up. Toyota thinks the RAV will soon outsell the Camry, the stalwart of what Bloomberg calls a “diminishing family sedan market.” Honda can’t make enough HR-Vs.

Marchionne Godfather TeslaMondo

Ti piacciono i camion? Grazie a Dio!

Don Corleone Marchionne is making America an offer it can’t refuse. The Jeep Renegade is so hot that it’s making up for the Chrysler 200, which is stinking up the joint like a decapitated horse. If bumbling Marchionne, whose companies offer the worst customer experience and rotten product reliability across the board, can still benefit from compact SUVs, it’s truly a can’t-miss segment.

Unless you miss the segment entirely. So come on, Model Y. TeslaMondo wants to see Marchionne develop some serious agita and start pacing around, gesturing with his hands in proper Italian fashion.

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