The number of CCS Combo DC fast charger locations installed in Europe has increased to 2,750 to kick off 2017, according to CCS Charge Map.

Opel Ampera-e fast charging

Opel Ampera-e fast charging

A year ago at this time, the counter was indicating more than 1,800, so the gain for the year amounted to about 950 - which is up 53%.

A significant characteristic of CCS Combo locations are that they are also multi-standard chargers, with both CHAdeMO and/or 3-phase AC type 2 along for the ride.

Typical power output is between 20 to 50 kW.

About 90% were confirmed as available 24/7.

The pace of new installations in the past six months (+550) is now more than 90 new chargers a month.

Looking forward, we already know that 400 more stations will be build in 2017 for one network...and that network will consist of ALL 350 kW charging stations, so progress is really accelerating now, paving the way for true EV adoption in the region.

Top five countries in Europe has 70% of all CCS Combo chargers, while two about 40%:

  • UK - 591
  • Germany - 516
  • Norway - 316
  • France - 276
  • Sweden - 214

2,750 CCS chargers installed in Europe (data source: <a href=CCS Charge Map) – early January 2017" draggable="false">

2,750 CCS chargers installed in Europe (data source: CCS Charge Map) – early January 2017

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