MotorWeek had an opportunity to drive the Tesla Model X. They explain it as "all of the futuristic things people have wanted to see in vehicles for year".

Inside The Model X

Inside The Model X

Video Description:

MotorWeek plugs in to the Tesla Model X P90D, to see just how ludicrous this three row family hauler really is. We take it out to our favorite backroads to let it spread its wings and fly.

Noted in particular are the signature falcon wing doors and the gigantic center console touch screen.

The test drive model is a P90DL, so of course the Ludicrous mode is mentioned and tested. MotorWeek says it performs much the same as the Model S, but has the advantages of a being a crossover vehicle. The X boasts more space, better accessibility and third-row seating.

The video even includes an in-car camera to show off the Summon Mode in action, but the full road test is still teased as "coming soon" (which of course we will pass along at that time).

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