Tonight from Las Vegas, Faraday Future will finally reveal its first production-intent electric vehicle, and it is sparing no expense in showing it off...including a stage to demonstrate the EV's 0-60mph abilities.

Faraday Future:

Faraday Future: "Go big, or go home" is apparently the motto in Las Vegas today!

We are at the debut live to report on the all the details, and you can also watch the big reveal as it happens from 6 PM (PST)/9PM (EST) right here.

(The above video we be converted to a repeated loop after the presentation)

Update (8:00 PM/ PST): Full details, specs on the Faraday Future FF 91 from after the presentation can be found in a detailed follow-up piece here.

Update (5:57 PM/PST): And we are live..well kinda, if you enjoy the crowd loop.  Live start ETA ~6:15 PM now.

A quick live shot of the stage just ahead of the slightly delayed presentation:

Just as an additional advanced note:

Faraday Future has informed us to “…please dress warmly as this event will take place both indoors and outdoors."

So we are hopeful to get some early 'first drive' impressions after the show, as well as a full recap on all the details of Faraday's first EV as they are revealed.

Video (below): Check out Faraday Future preparations for the big event (Update) ...or not, as for some reason Faraday has just removed the video in the past hour:

Below: Here is a screencap of a Faraday Future mule testing out the company's huge 0-60mph test track earlier.

Faraday Future's

Faraday Future's "track" getting tested earlier this week

Earlier "mule" race with a Tesla Model S:

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