Fuji Technica & Miyazu Employee Performs Manual Finishing

Fuji Technica & Miyazu Employee Performs Manual Finishing

A recent Nikkei article states:

"Fuji Technica & Miyazu, in Shimizu, Shizuoka Prefecture, is a key supplier, teammate, really, of Tesla Motors."

Fuji Technica is an aluminum die maker for Tesla and Nikkei recently dropped by to ask the company a few questions. According to the Nikkei, a Tesla Model S frame was on display, and is the pride of the factory workers...we hear.

Nikkei adds:

"The engineers are indeed proud of the results of their efforts but they are equally proud of their collaborative back-and-forths with their peers from Tesla..."

But what's more interesting is that Fuji Technica is producing dies for the Model 3.

"Fuji Technica representatives say Tesla is a demanding customer, insisting, for example, on retaining a smooth curve on an outer panel regardless of the difficulty it might give the die-maker."

"Fuji Technica & Miyazu developed the dies that shape body parts of Tesla Motors' Model 3."

Demanding customer or not, Fuji Technica considers its relationship as "good" and says that Tesla's engineers are perfectionists.

But for Fuji Technica, Tesla is a savior, bringing the sinking company out of the red and putting it back into the spotlight as one of the world's premier die makers.

Source: Nikkei

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