Tesla listened to local officials in Canada's small southern Alberta town of Fort Macleod, and followed through with the installation of an eight-stall Supercharger station. The town's chief administrative officer, Sue Keenan, said:

Tesla Supercharger Station in Norway

Tesla Supercharger Station in Norway

"Tesla thought it was a great idea so we had some ongoing conversations with them that started in about March of 2016. They came out and checked out the town and found an ideal site and decided to pursue it as an opportunity."

Tesla came out and checked out the area after town officials mentioned that it was an ideal location. It sits at the junction of Highway 2 and Highway 3, and has several businesses within walking distance.

This is important for travelers, so that they have something to do or somewhere to wander while charging. Patrons will have an opportunity to do a bit of shopping or have a meal. Tesla found the ideal site in the area and leased it from one of the adjacent restaurant chain owners. Keenan added:

"The economic development impact is phenomenal."

Due to a new over-the-air software update, the touchscreen in all Tesla vehicles now shows a growing list of "Amenities" offered at various Supercharger stations. It will make it easier for drivers to plan their trips. According to Tesla:

“As Tesla sees it, a critical component of the adoption of electric vehicles is to create a seamless and convenient charging experience wherever owners choose to travel.”

The tiny Canadian town has a population of just over 3,000 people. According to Teslarati, it found its only brush with fame when it was the site for the filming of the movie "Brokeback Mountain." The hit movie went on to win an Academy Award.

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