Supercharging Not Free For Model 3

Supercharging Not Free For Model 3

Earlier today, news broke related to Tesla Model 3 supercharging. In summary, Model 3 supercharging won't be free.

Now we've come across a transcript from a four-hour presentation hosted by Tesla CEO Elon Musk and CTO J.B. Straubel. The presentaion was part of Tesla's annual shareholder meeting in Mountain View, California yesterday evening.

Elon Musk directly field questions related to Model 3 supercharging.

Here's what he had to say, according to Tesla Updates:

"... we wanted to make it really straightforward and easy, that's why the Superchargers are set up at -least today - for people on board the car to travel long distances for life. Obviously, that has fundamentally a cost... The obvious thing to do is decouple that from the cost of the Model 3. So it will still be very cheap, and far cheaper than gasoline, to drive long-distance with the Model 3, but it will not be free long distance for life unless you purchase that package. I wish we could , but in order to achieve the economics, it has to be something like that. What Tesla's motivation is, to make electric transport as affordable as possible. That is what informs all of our actions. It's not because we want to make things more expensive, it is because we can't figure out how to make it less expensive. That's all."

J.B Straubel commented too:

"It also pains us to see people mis-valuing their time at charging stations so often, it is far more convenient and faster for you overall to charge at home or at work. It takes one second to plug in, you don't have to go to a separate location and wait for the car to be there. Time and time again, we see people drive to Supercharger stations, wait there for 30 minutes and drive to a different destination. And if they do their math - and they value their time - it makes no sense." 

So, there it is...right from the two top-level execs at Tesla. There's no disputing the facts now.

Below is a full YouTube live-stream from shareholders meeting. (As we have come to expected, not everything started on time).

Source: Tesla Updates

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