VR Owner's Guide posted a rather descriptive article on how owner of Vacation Rental can pursue a free Tesla destination charger. The article opens with this:

"As an owner of a vacation rental, you are probably wishing you could snap your fingers and suddenly tap into a lucrative new market of very desirable clients."

Those "very desirable clients" are apparently wealthy Tesla owners. The article states:

"the owners are types who can afford a nice vacation in your home. But why are they going to choose YOUR vacation rental? Because you were smart enough to see this trend and give them the one thing they need on the road. A place to charge like they do in their own garage."

Map Of Tesla Destination Chargers

Map Of Tesla Destination Chargers

Securing a free destination chargers is not as simple as placing a phone-in order. The process is multi-step and is described by VR Owner's Guide below:

How to get a Tesla Destination Charger for Free:

Go Here to apply for a Destination Charger just scroll down to the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of the page. This page also describes how the program works.

Attract Tesla drivers to your property by joining the destination charging network. Qualified properties will receive their first two Tesla wall connectors free of charge as long as they are installed in visible or convenient locations. Contact us for more information.


You may have to pay for the installation of the charger. In some cases, Tesla will actually pay for the install. If not, this cost can vary greatly depending on your locations existing electrical set up. It could be less than a few hundred or more than a few thousand if you have to dig trenches, move panels etc. to put the charger in a convenient place. The first step is getting approved in the first place. Once you’ve done that, reach out and ask if they will cover the install.

Source: VR Owner's Guide

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