Tesla's latest software update for the Model X (Version 7.1 - 2.20.45) adds improved Falcon Door and seat operation.

Video description:

"Tesla introduced a new update in firmware version 7.1 (2.20.45) that allows owner's to close both the falcon wing doors and front doors through a single press of the key fob."

As Teslarati explains:

"A new over-the-air software update v7.1 (2.20.45) has gone out to Tesla Model X owners that allows for better control of the vehicle’s electronically actuated seats and famed falcon wing doors. Most notable in the update, a minor change to the company’s existing version 7.1, introduces a feature that provides individual control of the vehicle’s second-row seating directly from the center touchscreen."

"Model X owner’s are also presented with a feature that will close the falcon wing doors, self-presenting front doors, and even the rear trunk hatch all in a single swoop through a press of the key fob."

Before the updated, closing all of these openings was a multi-step process that took quite a bit of time.

Though the door update is a welcome feature, it's the improved seat operation that's most notable.

As the release notes explain:


“You can now control and monitor the second-row seats from the touchscreen. Simply tap the forward control to move the seat to the Easy Entry position and tap the backward control to return the seat to the full upright position. Press and hold the forward/backward control to adjust the seats manually (e.g. for child seats). You can access these new controls in Controls > Seats.”

Source: Teslarati

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