Tesla Service Center

Tesla Service Center

Way back when, Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded to pleas from Portugal to establish a stronger Tesla presence in the nation. Musk's response was a simple "OK."

Well, now it seems as though Musk and Tesla are coming through on that "OK" with some discussion underway in Portugal aimed at Tesla expansion.

As PushEVs states:

"...the Portuguese Secretary of State Assistant And of Environment, José Mendes and the Regional Manager, South EU – Charging Infrastructure of Tesla Motors, Douglas Alfaro are discussing further investments of the electric car company in Portugal."

"The main topic will be the expansion of Tesla’s charging network, but it won’t be the only."

Other topics include Tesla being encourage to build a Research and Development (R&D) center in Portugal, as well as a European Gigafactory at some later point in time.

Also on the docket is service centers in Portugal where current Tesla owners often driver some 700 miles to get their cars serviced right now.

It's not clear if anything will come of these talks, but at least the discussions are moving forward.

Source: Push EVs

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