The UK government is apparently considering actions to make public charging more affordable, and a lot simpler.

Essentially, there could be pricing cap, or at the very least common pricing guidelines, with one access card for all networks.

Chargemaster charging point in UK

Chargemaster charging point in UK

Details are expected be announced early next year.

"Overpriced electric car charging stations will be clamped down in the new year by the government, after fears that high prices are putting off buyers of electric and hybrid cars and making them as expensive to run as diesels."

Currently there are various charging networks in the country. Ecotricity for example offers 30 minute boost for £6 ("cost is free as part of Ecotricity’s home energy customer subscription").

Chargemaster (non-subscribers) can use fast charger for up to £7 per half hour. There is also subscription option £7.85 per month ("access to all charging stations including the 5000 that are free").

According to the article, some stations costs up to £7.50 for a half-hour charge.

A spokesperson from the Department for Transport told The Times:

“The number of ultra-low emission vehicles on our roads are at record levels and we want to see a reliable and hassle-free public charging network so the sector can continue to grow.

“We are looking at ways to make public chargepoints more convenient for motorists, such as simplifying memberships, making pricing more consistent and transparent and making chargepoints easier to operate.”

source: Autocar

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