This video shows exactly how Autopilot is supposed to help save lives by avoiding accidents.

Detection takes place at around 4 seconds into the video when you hear the Tesla emit a series of warning beeps. The Tesla is detecting an imminent crash ahead and begins to immediately apply the brakes to avoid colliding with the vehicle involved in the wreck.

As SF Gate exaplins:

"Video taken from the dash cam of a Tesla Model X in the Netherlands shows a car crash that happens on the freeway — and how Tesla's Autopilot feature stops the car quickly to avoid a collision."

"The amazing part is the car predicted that the crash was about to occur ... and slowed down just before the collision."

Video description:

"Frank van Hoesel dashcam footage showing a Tesla car emergency braking as the car predicts an accident before it happens."

Tesla's radar sensors detect an issue and predict a future collision. The vehicle reacts by slowing the car prior to when the driver even began to apply the brakes.

Nobody was seriously injured in the wreck.

Source: SFGate, Twitter

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