Tesla Model 3 Via Unofficial Configurator

Tesla Model 3 Via Unofficial Configurator

A few weeks ago, an unofficial Tesla Model 3 configurator sprang to life on the Internet. At the time, the configurator had exterior color options and wheel choices, but the interior was still a work in progress.

Now, the configurator has been updated to include some interior options too.

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Tesla Motors Club Forum member Bayol created the unofficial Model 3 configurator website. The site's disclaimer clearly state that it's not affiliated with Tesla Motors in any way and that the photos don't depict the actual production Model 3.


This site was encouraged by fans and created by an eager Model 3 reservation holder.  It is in no way affiliated with Tesla Motors.  All photos depict fan made mockups of prototype vehicles.

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To configure your own unofficial Model 3, follow the link below.

Source: Model3Config

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