The folks over at Capitol Chevrolet in San Jose, California assembled this video featuring the dealership's demo 2017 Chevrolet Bolt.

Video description:

The Bolt is here to challenge other EV's on the market with its almost 240 mile range on a single charge!

It has a large 10.2 inch display and available on board 4G LTE wifi.

This tech savvy ride of course has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities.

This is one of the first videos featuring a real-world Bolt that is now on sale at the dealership level, and not a show car.

Also pleasing is the fact that a dealer has quickly taken the time and effort to promote the 238 mile EV at all, which hopefully foreshadows the efforts of other local dealerships in Chevrolet's chain.

The video explores both the outside and the interior in a rather informative manner, while at the same time providing us with some high quality shots (see sample below) of the Bolt both inside and out.


Bolt "Engine" Bay

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