Self-driving, autonomous vehicles seem to be all the rage these days. Surely they have all sorts of benefits, but this one is often overlooked.

Tesla Store/Service Center In Dublin, California

Tesla Store/Service Center In Dublin, California

As Teslarati keenly observes:

"No more time-consuming trips to the service center for routine maintenance!"

The idea is that if your vehicle needs some simple routine maintenance (tire rotation, cabin filter replacement, fluid top ups, etc.), then the vehicle can simply drive itself to the service center while you're at work when the appointment date is made.

The maintenance can then be performed and the vehicle drives itself back to your place of employ and is ready when you are.

Of course, this wouldn't work for repairs required on an immobilized vehicle, but in most situations this could be how the future of routine service plays out.

Imagine never having to physically drop your car off for repair or having to wait for hours while the work is being done. Though this seems minor, for Tesla it could be a major perk. As Teslarati explains:

"This type of perk can be very important for owners who live a little further away from their nearest service center. My closest location is about 65 miles away in a direction I rarely travel. It’s not as if I can just swing by on my way home from work. A significant portion of my day would be spent driving there and back. Or even worse, there and back twice when using a loaner."

With service centers few and far between in some ares in the U.S., this could be huge for Tesla, but it all depends on the passage of various state and federal laws, as well as the ability to incorporate and perfect the necessary tech. It may be some years off before we see our cars driving themselves to service centers, but it does seem likely that the day is coming.

Source: Teslarati

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