This animated, LED lit Tesla charging cable is beyond cool.

The work of ch00ftech, the lit charging cable actually reacts to the amount of current being drawn by the Tesla.

Ch00ftech set out to make this nifty device with these three criteria in mind (detailed on his blog here):

  • Tesla charger cables are around $600 which is a little out of my budget, so I had to make a device that would sit around my father's existing charge cable and not require any modification in case he wants to remove it later.
  • The cable should light up only when the car is charging, and if possible, animate differently when the car is drawing different amounts of current.  This means it has to have a way to measure current.
  • The device is going to be used unattended by my father on a daily basis.  It has to be durable and look clean and professional.  I usually get by with some pretty hacked up circuits on this blog, but that simply wouldn't fly this time.  Especially when I'm dealing with 40A at 240V.
The end result is a almost magical charging cable that, at night, is sure to impress most anyone.

You'll find full details on how to make your own animated, LED lit charging cable here (note: though the video shows a Tesla cable, this setup will work on any EV cable, but beware that it's not been properly safety tested and looks a bit sketchy to us, so use at your own risk).

Source: Ch00ftech via Teslarati

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