After a recent road trip presentation of the Tesla Model S in Scotland (video below), UltimateRoadtrips got its hands on a P90D version with Ludicrous Mode enabled.

As always, a lot of fun is had with casual passengers, and the question is raised whether or not the Model S will be good enough for a Maserati Granturismo driver to switch to electric?

"Following our first EV road trip to Scotland in a Tesla Model S 85, we’re back with a P90D, complete with Ludicrous Mode upgrade to find out whether an electric vehicle can deliver thrills to match a 4 seater performance petrol car like the Maserati Granturismo.

With an incredible 0-60 time of 2.8 seconds, the P90DL is hard to beat. We take family and friends out to get their reactions. The smiles and laughs speak for themselves!

Unlike most videos we've seen on YouTube demonstrating Ludicrous Mode, we are activate 'Max Battery Power', which pre-conditions the battery temperature for maximum efficiency, and then we're activating 'Launch Mode' to fire the car off the line with roller coaster style viciousness!

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Tesla Model S 85 from Essex to Scotland roadtrip bonus:

"Can you drive a Tesla Model S from Essex to Scotland without charging being an inconvenience? We find out! We also try out the latest Autopilot features and get the chance to test drive the ludicrously fast, range-topping P90D in Edinburgh. Enjoy!"

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