As part of latest $18 million tranche of alt-fuel development funds, the DoE (Department of Energy Department) will forward $4.9 million to the Blue Bird Body Company for a new all-electric school bus project as 1 of 4 new programs.

Blue Bird and MIcro Bird wish you a safe and happy holiday season!

Blue Bird and MIcro Bird wish you a safe and happy holiday season!

The Blue Bird Body Company will then develop and demonstrate the kid-hauler, complete with vehicle-to-grid capability.

The other three projects are also related to plug-ins (plug-in hybrid trucks and plug-in charging infrastructure):

Odyne Systems, LLC (Pewaukee, WI) will receive $2.9 million to develop and demonstrate plug-in hybrid work trucks (class 7) that reduce fuel consumption by more than 50 percent and eliminate fuel consumption during stationary operations.

PacifiCorp (Portland, OR) will receive $3.9 million to accelerate PEV adoption by developing electric highway corridors along I-15, I-80, I-70, and I-84 in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming.

Gas Technology Institute (Des Plaines, IL) will receive $4.9 million to deploy multi-fuel stations (including electric vehicle charging stations, compressed natural gas, biofuels, and propane stations) and alternative fuel vehicles (including electric drive) along I-94 from Port Huron, Michigan to the North Dakota border.


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