YouTube channelĀ Like Tesla posted this fun video showing off some little known tips and tricks about the Model X. We are not talking about the Falcon Wing doors, or light shows, or anything that may be typical knowledge. These are service technician secrets, or strange discoveries that only an inquisitive Tesla owner may seek out. TheĀ Like Tesla channel is in the habit of posting some pretty good stuff and it is now also on Instagram.

You may be surprised about the Tesla Model X key fob

You may be surprised about the Tesla Model X key fob

One interesting bit of info is that there is an area in the rear of the car that is a dead zone for the key fob (meaning that the Model X won't detect that the key is actually inside the vehicle). This is great if you want to leave the key locked in the SUV so that a friend or family member can retrieve it later. You can just unlock the car using the smartphone app.

If the key fob is dead. and for some reason you don't have access to the app, you can still unlock the vehicle. The bottom, front right corner of the windshield can read the fob and let you in. The car will still start, if you place the fob in the passenger side front cupholder.

How about engaging Autopilot from a complete standstill? It's possible if you are in Hill Hold.

Check out the video for more cool "secrets"

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