An interesting overview of the decisions behind purchasing and leasing plug-in electric cars from the UK perspective was recently logged by Fully Charged.

What is immediately striking is that there is already plenty of choices of plug-in models from various brands, sizes and powertrain types: all-electric or plug-in hybrid, 2WD or AWD, etc.

Leasing is an important option for plug-ins if you are cost-conscious on the monthly payment, have concerns about batteries, quickly improving technology making today's EVs obsolete...or if you are just not sure about what the residual value might be 3-4 years after making a purchase.

The other option is to buy a used plug-in; which, now that we have put a few years between us and the start of series production for some early models, have become more and more common in ads - and sometimes for some pretty decent prices - usually for many of the same reasons that have made people want to lease those electric vehicles in the first place.

"Encouragement to consider other ways of driving electric cars, as electric cars become more common, leasing and 2nd hand models are becoming more affordable."

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