Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, better known as "Woz", posted on Facebook:

"Woz" In His Tesla Model S

"I expect to be switching cars soon!"

Included with the post is a picture of Woz standing next to a new Chevrolet Bolt EV, giving a thumbs up.

One of Woz's friends asked him to give reasons for this choice. Woz talks about his principles of getting more for less. His ideals of product balance lead him to search for "simple and affordable, but very adequate." 

He does include that although he is impressed with Chevy's upcoming offering, he won't give the car an A+ without owning it and driving it for awhile. He says:

"The user conveniences are well thought out and the functionality is great."

Woz is not sold on the Tesla Model 3. After having his Model S, he admits that the Bolt does many things right that he feels were done wrong with the Tesla. Woz explains:

"Knowing myself, it may replace the Tesla. A lot of complaints about the Tesla that my wife and I have are solved in this car."

"Well thought out back space for lots of luggage and clever dividers but I don't think the dimensions fit Segway wheels with the wheels turned sideways to get 2 Segways in. Maybe one Segway would fit. And a seat can be folded down. This car has nice rails atop so it should be easier than a Tesla (at least more appropriate) to put luggage up there."

The thread continues to grow with comments and opinions in the form of many replies. It is interesting to read what people have to share, and to get Woz's take on it. We are still waiting for the comment from Elon Musk, and will keep you posted.

Source: Facebook

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