Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Sterling Anderson, Director of Autopilot Programs at Tesla, revealed from the EmTech Digital conference in San Francisco that Tesla cars have already covered 100 million miles with Autopilot on.

For the most part, Teslas EVs are obviously driving with Autopilot off, but data acquisition software is working. so Tesla collected total 780 million miles of data.

Autopilot was first introduced in October of 2014, and then wide-released with the company's 7.0 update about a year later.

According to Tesla, Autopilot helps to keep the vehicle in lane center better than average manual driving.

Steve Jurvetson (Tesla Board of Directors) commented (via Facebook):

"Awesome Autonomous Autos this morning at ‪#‎EmTechDigital‬ with Tesla, Google and Optimus. I heard several details here shared publicly for the first time.

Tesla now gains a million miles of driving data (comparing human to robot safety) every 10 hours. So they log more miles per day than the Google program has gathered since inception. Tesla's design goal is to be 2-10x better than human drivers."

From Optimus: "The average Chinese driver spends 3 years of their life looking for parking."

"We consume 2.9 billion gallons of gas per year just from being stuck in traffic"

"Vehicles are used less than 5% of the time."


source: The Verge

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