First deliveries of the Radio Flyer Tesla Model S are now underway and here we present an "unboxing" video of the tiny S.

Back In February, Radio Flyer announced that it teamed with Tesla to bring the kiddies a version of the Model S. Some specs include:

  • This true-to-life Radio Flyer Model S features a frunk, a spacious interior and a swappable battery pack
  • Weight capacity is 81 pounds and it’s listed as being for children ages 3 to 8 years old.
  • Top speed is 6 MPH
The Radio Flyer version of the S costs $499 and up and can be built/ordered here.

Unboxing video description:

Tesla Model S for Kids UNBOXING - Radio Flyer Edition

Radio Flyer’s pint-sized Model S for kids has been making its debut in select Tesla stores across California, and recently saw its own test drive event held at the factory in Fremont, CA.

A new ‘unboxing’ video of likely the hippest children’s car every produced, shows the striking detail Radio Flyer in conjunction with Tesla underwent when creating its $499 miniature masterpiece. The Model S for Kids comes with a Tesla branded lithium ion battery pack, a charger that perfectly resembles Tesla’s own Wall Connector, working headlights, and even a functional front trunk “frunk” where kids can store their belongings.

As seen in the video, the attention to detail really is beyond expectation.

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