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It's common for drivers to fall asleep at the wheel. Usually, this results in a wreck, but that's not what happened when a Tesla Model S driver apparently fell asleep while in traffic.

It seems as though Tesla's Autopilot systems saved the day for this sleeping driver who was caught on video behind the wheel of a Model S.

The video, posted to Imgur and embedded above, appears to show a sleeping driver in a Model S. The car apparently took over the act of driving and amazingly no wreck occurred.

There's a chance this is faked, especially since Tesla's various Autopilot systems require some sort of driver interaction, but even if that's true it doesn't seem as though the driver ever looks at the road ahead, so he's still letting the Model S do all the work.

We don't recommend catching some ZZZs while driving, regardless of whether or not the car can drive itself.

Source: Imgur

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