Swiss company HUBER+SUHNER has announced its cooled cable and connector products for high-power charging.

As of today, HUBER+SUHNER has developed a version of the Combined Charging System (CCS) type-1 and type-2 connectors with an integrated cooling circuit.

Tesla Model S and Model X at Supercharger

Tesla Model S and Model X at Supercharger

That enables to charge at 500 A, which is even more than 350 A targeted by the CCS alliance for 350 kW DC charging.

The big advantage of cooling the cable is the possibility to send several times more power without increasing the cross-section and weight of the cable compared to 50 kW versions.

We've heard about liquid cooled Tesla Superchargers (see video below) a year ago, and we believe it's just matter of time until we see it in use for all high-power chargers as a necessity.

"Leading international manufacturer of components and systems for optical and electrical connectivity, HUBER+SUHNER, has developed a cooled cable and connector that enables High Power Charging of electric vehicles.

This development can multiply the power-throughput of a charging cable and keep charging times below 20 minutes (80% State of Charge) even with big battery packs of new electric vehicles and trucks. With the release of the next generation of long range electric vehicles present, fast-charging stations running with a power of 50 kW and a current of 120 A will lead to charging times up to one hour. With the new cooled cable system by HUBER+SUHNER, currents of up to 500A or higher are possible while still providing a flexible, small-diameter and low-weight cable solution. This perfectly matches the High Power Charging stations currently under development that are said to provide 350 kW with charging currents of 350 A or more.

HUBER+SUHNER is convinced that the cooled cable and connector will support and accelerate the demand for environmentally friendly electric vehicles, as long charge times are a key factor in negatively influencing a person’s decision to purchase one."

"HUBER+SUHNER’s cooled cables are highly flexible, lightweight and easy to handle – traits that traditional high-current cables lack. Thanks to an integrated cooling circuit, they also offer a much smaller cable cross section than the traditional option."

Frank Rothe, Head of the Automotive Market Unit at HUBER+SUHNER said:

“Our cooled cables and connectors will make rapid charge times for all electric cars absolutely feasible. With environmentally conscious vehicles becoming more and more popular in the mainstream, this is the next step in making purchasing an electric vehicle the norm.”

“We are excited to offer the cooled cable with Combined Charging System (CCS) type-1 and type-2 connectors and, since HUBER+SUHNER is committed to tailoring the best possible solution for each individual situation, we are always happy to discuss custom designs with our partners.”.

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