Renault Already Makes Big Electric Trucks

Renault Already Makes Big Electric Trucks

Renault Kangoo Z.E.

Renault Kangoo Z.E.

Renault is one of only a few major automakers that produce commercial electric vehicles like the D truck (above), and the Kangoo Z.E. work van version seen to your right.

But now Renault has announced it's working on a new commercial-duty entry.

Renault-Samsung, the South Korean subsidiary of Renault, is currently developing a 1-ton light-commercial electric vehicle. Design and development of this vehicles is/will take place in South Korea.

Ward's Auto states:

"The 1-ton electric LCV would be designed and developed solely within Korea by RSM and a consortium of local suppliers. They include LG Chem, which supplies the battery for the all-electric SM3 ZE. In 2014 LG Chem signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate in RSM’s EV programs by developing longer-range batteries specially designed to meet the needs of its upcoming vehicles."

Target range is 250 km or 155 miles (NEDC, we assume)

While work is already underway on this light-duty electric, Renault says it'll be approximately 4 years before it's ready to launch.

Other projects are apparently in the works as well. As Ward's Auto points out:

"RSM also is believed to be working with Renault to develop a low-tech, low-cost EV along the lines of the Twizy. It would be produced in Busan for local and export markets, as well as at the Dongfeng Renault joint-venture plant in China to serve the China market."

"Dongfeng Renault plans to begin producing a China version of the SM3 ZE early next year."

Source: Ward's Auto

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