At the Belron conference in Lisbon on May 19, Jon McNeill, president of global sales at Tesla Motors, spoke of the Model 3 and the automaker's expectations for reservations occurring within the first month of pre-orders being open.

According to McNeill, execs at Tesla had a poll going and his guess for first-month reservations was among the highest of the polled execs at 135,000.

Well, that figure is significantly lower than the 373,000 Model 3 reservations logged thus far, so it's safe to say that interest in the Model 3 has far exceeded Tesla's initial expectations.

Video description via eGear:

"Before the introduction of the Model 3, the Tesla top-executives held a poll about the number of reservations. Jon McNeill, president of global sales, had the highest numbers with 135.000. At the moment of writing (May 21, 2016), already 373.000 Model 3's have been pre-ordered. In other words, 3 times more than initially predicted. (recorded at the Belron conference, May 19, 2016, Lisbon)."

Source: eGear

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