Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Practichem, the Raleigh-based maker of browser controlled scientific instruments, announced an interesting (and generous) employee benefit - a Tesla Model 3 for each full-time employee.

The cars will be leased, paid and managed by the company...to inspire innovation.

"Tesla’s stated mission accelerates sustainable human transport with compelling mass market electric cars. Practichem accelerates cures for the world's diseases by making internet controlled instruments for scientific discovery usable by experimenters and experienced scientists."

It will not be a significant deal to Tesla itself, as according to the Triangle Business Journal, Practichem currently only has 16 employees (but expects to have 25 in the near future), but quite an efficient promotional tool.

Nick DeMarco, founder and CEO said:

“Our vision shares similarities with Tesla Motors; both companies positively impact humanity with real change. People driven to solve big issues share core values. Many of our employees have marveled at Tesla’s approach. Their compelling all-electric vehicles drive us to make real change in our field.”

“Practichem builds technologies to accelerate open science and help find cures for horrific diseases,” continued DeMarco. "We are always looking for brilliant engineers who want to contribute to something important.”

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