When the Tesla Model X first launched, CEO Elon Musk likened the Falcon Doors to big umbrellas that would protect you from the rain.

Some were skeptical, but as it turns out, those doors actually do ward off most of the falling precipitation.

Video description:

"Always wanted to shoot this video of the Tesla Model X in heavy rain fall. It does provide really good rain protection when open. Obviously you should open it before you get to the car, but I'm assuming you have an umbrella and you can easily open it with your remote key fob."

"I've noticed how much better it shields you from the rain vs a traditional door like you have up front. There is some minor splashing but there really isn't anything you can do about that. At least you are dry while standing under the falcon wing doors and trying to strap your kids in."

"I don't think I can test this in torrential rain where you get it side ways and upside down! Not sure what would happen to the doors in that situation."

"But will definitely try to film it when there is high wind situations when I get a chance. With the global climate change, I'm sure I will get a chance to film it. LOL"

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